Baby Steps….

This is not my first blog. Nor will it be my last. But it is my first time finally using this site since I purchased the domain. And that is due to one thing- procrastination. It is the silent killer of my productivity. I wake up with good intentions to do something constructive with myself everyday. It does not always work out. If you could live in my mind, you would be amazed that I get anything done. And sometimes, that is very true. Like my speech, my thoughts are always racing between 45 and 120 mph.  It gets in the way.

Take this site. I bought the domain to showcase my resume. I had pages dedicated to my education, my skills and my jewelry. I did not have any portfolio pieces but I had considered putting my lesson plan examples up. At the time I wanted to enter the classroom, but I began to think about:

if I put it up, will I exceed the quota on my domain?

What if  someone steals my lesson plan? Do I want recognition?

Will my work show off well in this format?

Will this help me look like a professional….

This went on for a while. It made me mad at myself.


But now, with some social media content courses under my belt, I am ready to “Do This”.

For the month of November, I planned on adhering to the Namowrito model and post daily until I hit that creative wall. And then knock that wall down.

That… did not work out. I forget how demanding design classes can be.

But now I do have a portfolio site-

I am far from flawless. I choose it to nod at what I aspire to be and may never achieve. And it rhymes. If there is one thing I have learned it is that perfection, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. So while someone like myself may value little flaws as given character or growth opportunities, other may see a lack of attention or whatever.

But now that the portfolio is done for now, I can focus on adding content to this site without any overlap.

Wish me luck!

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